Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Scarless Breast Augmentation

Dr. Robert Young continues to lead the way in performing breast augmentation with no scars on the breast. He can perform the surgery using a small incision in the armpit. Dr. Young can insert your choice of saline, adjustable saline, or silicone implants through this small armpit incision, leaving your breasts beautifully free of any scars.

If you select saline implants, they can be inserted empty then filled to your desired size. The silicone implants already come full so if you select this type of implant, Dr. Young uses the new Keller Funnel to squeeze the implants into the pocket that he creates. After the armpit scar heals, it looks like a natural fold.

The best thing is that your breasts look natural and there are no scars on your breast.

Make an appointment with Dr. Young to learn more about the scarless breast augment. There is No Fee for your consultation with Dr. Young to find out what breast augmentation options are best for you.