Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Followup on PIP Breast Implants

On 12-16-11, we ran a story about the breast implants used in France.  The latest news is that the head of the company and at least one of his executives have been arrested.  The company, Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) has since ceased operations, but this has not stopped authorities from seeking manslaughter charges against those reponsible for using substandard silicone in breast implants which were distributed mainly in Europe and South America.

As we previously reported, the USA manufacturers Dr. Young obtains his silicone breast implants from are medically sterilized and safe, and are made from a medical grade silicone. The majority of breast implants we use are Mentor's MemoryGel silicone cohesive gel-filled implants which are made here in the United States under strict FDA guidelines and inspections. The FDA has a consistent and welcome presence in Mentor's manufacturing facility. This, and Mentor's ongoing commitment to quality and safety, helps to ensure the safety of their breast implants for breast augmentation.
Silicone breast implants continue to be the desired choice by most women around the country and are popular at Dr. Young's fully accredited Surgery Center due to the more natural feel they offer. With the latest advances to cohesive gel implants, the risks from rupture have been minimized because the gelatin-like substance retains its shape and does not seep like a liquid. If you have questions or concerns about silicone implants, consult with your surgeon.