Monday, November 9, 2009

How do I get started?

We receive many e-mails.  As you might imagine, some are routine inquiries about cost of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery procedures or how long one would need to take off of work.  At other times, however, we receive really great questions.  We'd like to share these, and we will publish ones we feel that our patients and friends will benefit from. To get things started, we'll share a very common one.

This was an e-mail received from Andrea in September 2009:

"Hello. I am very interested in getting my breasts done.  I've heard good things about Dr. Young and have seen many women who've had their procedure done by him.  How do I begin the process?"

We always encourage you to schedule a consultation visit with Dr. Young so that he has an opportunity to examine you answer questions you have, and make recommendations.  There are things you can do ahead of time to ensure that your consultation visit is as helpful to you as possible.

I always recommend that you make a list of all your questions.  And, add to the list as you think of other concerns or matter how silly they may seem.  Some information you'll be able to obtain from quality internet sites.  I prefer to lean towards information sites rather than "locate-a-doctor" referral sites. Information sites include plastic surgery association sites, implant manufacturer sites, and encyclopedia style sites such as:

American Society of Plastic Surgeons

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Good encyclopedia style sites include:,,,,, and  You can look up your specific interests and learn about the procedures. Here are some sample links that would be helpful for Breast Augmentation research:

Once you've had a chance to read through the information you'll undoubtedly have questions in how this information relates to YOU!  This is what is especially helpful in a consultation visit with Dr. Young.  There are many choices then it comes to surgical procedures.  An experienced, qualified surgeon like Dr. Young can help you make choices that are most appropriate for YOU, and not just what is popular at the moment.  (It is widely recommended that you seek out an experienced surgeon who is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, as they are physicians who have undergone years of additional training in this specialty.  They must pass strict criteria once completing this training, as well as show documented experience to demonstrate their abilities. I've been told that only 30% of those applying for this designation pass.) Great results and your satisfaction are what we want most.  We can help sort through the sometimes confusion array of surgical methods, incision locations, type of anesthesia etc.

You will have an opportunity to meet with Dr. Young, as well as his nurse(s) in your consultation.  Dr. Young's nurses are very familiar with the procedures he performs and not only assist Dr. Young in clinic for new patient consultations and follow up visits, but have regular duties in the Operating Suite as well.  Most of our nurses have been with Dr. Young for five years or more, and several over ten.  They can be instrumental in helping you understand the surgical procedure, coordinate after-surgery care, etc.

Your Consultation Visit is an exciting time because the possibilities are quickly seen as a reality. It is easy to overlook an important question or even feel too embarrassed to ask a question that seems silly or awkward. Making a list of your questions or concerns helps keep you focused, and ensures you'll be more ready to make a decision on whether the procedure is right for you. 

In Andrea's case of wanting to prepare for a Breast Augmentation, she would begin by scheduling her consultation appointment.  At her consultation, she will meet with Dr. Young, and one or more of his nurses for an examination, discussion of the procedure, recommendations, and a "sizing" prior to speaking with her surgery coordinator. 

The sizing is her opportunity to "try on" many different size implants in a special bra.  Andrea can then get a sense of what style and size implant is most appropriate for her.  Every woman's body type is different, and one's taste in size is different.  We encourage you to select your size based on what feels best to YOU.  You might hear from a friend that she had 450cc implants, and you think that you'd like to be that size, or maybe even a bit bigger.  Keep in mind that 500cc implants in someone who is 5'7" tall and weighs 135 pounds will look quite different on someone who is 5'2" tall and weighs 110!  Are you broad shouldered, narrow chested, pear shaped, tall or petite?  Your body type will play a big part if you're trying to achieve a more balanced, proportional look.

After the consultation visit, if a surgery date is selected, Andrea will also schedule a "pre-op" (pre-operative) visit which is usually two weeks prior to the surgery, but may be closer to the date of surgery if you schedule for a more immediate surgery (surgeries can be scheduled as soon as the following day in some cases).  At this visit she will go over her medical history with one of Dr. Young's nurses, have a physical exam with vitals and labwork performed, discuss risks, how to prepare for surgery and recovery, among other things. It is Andrea's chance to ask any other questions she's thought of as well, and to finalize the size of her implants.  The next time we see Andrea will be the day of her surgery, which is performed in Dr. Young's fully accredited in-office Surgery Center.  Our OR staff will be there for each stage of her procedure, including instructions for Andrea's friend or family member who will drive her home following her recovery.

I hope this information gives you an idea of how things can proceed once you've decided you'd like to look into cosmetic plastic surgery.  I'd like to thank Andrea, and everyone who sends us great e-mail questions.  Please continue to do so.  You can e-mail me directly at: