Friday, December 21, 2012

Breast Implant Size Best Determined By Patient

Selecting the "right size" breast implant is a very personal decision when considering breast augmentation, and is one that many women agonize over. No one wants to feel that they've chosen a size that is too small or too big. So what is the best way to decide?

One thing we hear a lot is, "My friend looks great and she got 425cc implants. That's the size I want." Others, after reading materials on-line are influenced by what is perceived as the right size by others. Some have no idea where to start.

We find it helpful to let our patients explore a range of sizes by trying on "sizers", which are breast shaped firm silicone. Wearing an elastic bra that keeps the sizers in place, you are able to get a good idea of what different size implants would look like on your own body. You're free to view yourself from the front, as well as the side, and even put on a shirt to see if it creates the look you desire.

It takes approximately 350cc in order to increase your cup size two sizes. But, to keep things in perspective, remember that 50 cc is the equivalent of only 3.38 tablespoons, so agonizing whether to get 350cc vs. 370cc implants is a very small difference.
Our skilled staff are here to help you make decisions you'll feel happy about. Dr. Robert Young has been performing breast augmentations in San Antonio for over 25 years and uses both saline and silicone gel implants, and the skilled nurses on our staff have helped thousands of women in selecting implant sizes that they are happy with following surgery. We hope you'll see Dr. Young in a complimentary consultation visit to discuss your choices.