Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Plastic Surgery Procedures Increase as Trend of "Selfies" Grows


We've all seen how the trend of taking "selfies" seems to be out of control. It is now being reported that this growing trend is leading to some pretty unexpected outcomes. Cosmetic surgery is on the rise!

Selfie found on the Internet
The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that in 2013 Americans spent almost $12 billion on plastic surgery and nonsurgical procedures to enhance their looks. What they didn't report is that procedures such as hand rejuvenation and facial procedures have taken a sudden swing upward. Many are concluding that this is because of the increase in social media and people taking "selfies" which become closely scrutinized.

Certainly the face is important because it is the focus of photos. The hands become important because they're often an unintended object in selfies. People want to put their "best face" forward on social media, whether they prefer Facebook, Linked In, or other sites. But, does it actually change the way we look at ourselves?

Anyone who looks very closely at themselves is apt to find SOMETHING they don't like. Whether it be that their lips are too thin, their nose is too big, or that they lose count on the number of chins they see, our appearance is under much closer observation and assessment. It is now much easier to obsess over perceived inadequacies because we have much more opportunity to see ourselves through others' eyes.

Plastic surgeons are now noticing the change in cosmetic patient coming to their practice for hand and face enhancements...the two areas most noticed in "selfies". Surgical procedures for eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty grew in 2013 at an unexpected rate. And, non-surgical treatments including injections for the face and hands, have grown even more briskly. So much so that it has many industry analysts thinking that minimally invasive procedures will be the next hot trend in plastic surgery.

If the "selfie" trend continues, there's little doubt that men and women of all ages will continue to pay more attention to how they appear to others. Whether it influences more young people to get cosmetic procedures, drives up the number of facial and hand procedures, or even gets more men running for plastic surgery remains to be seen.

What do you feel about "selfies" influence on the way we look at ourselves?

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