Monday, November 11, 2013

Would You Reveal Your Cosmetic Surgery To A Future Spouse?

by Andrea Algar
Contributing Author

An extraordinary news article has gone viral about a Chinese man who won a court battle claiming that his wife had given him an "ugly" baby.

Feng's wife in alleged
before and after photos
But, there was more to the story than just that. Feng's alleged that his wife had never disclosed to him that she had received cosmetic plastic surgery before he married her. According to court papers, the husband found out only after his wife gave birth to their baby daughter, who he claims was "ugly beyond description."

Feng apparently thought that his wife had been having an affair and ordered DNA tests to see whether the daughter was his or not. DNA tests revealed that he was in fact the father, and she then revealed that she had $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgeries performed before they had met. The wife, who surprisingly lost the case, was ordered to pay him $120,000!

There is a lot of controversy over cosmetic surgery in many Asian countries so it is conceivable that the story is true. However, an ABC affiliate has reportedly debunked the story claiming, "the story is likely an urgan legend given legs by numerous outlets online since 2004."

Photo from
Another photo (at left) showing the Feng family, was allegedly used in an advertising campaign by a Taiwan plastic surgeon. In this photo there are actually three children.

Whether or not the story is factual or purely a figment of gossip and rumor, it does make one stop and consider what you would do if you were single, met someone and later were considering marriage. Would you reveal your prior cosmetic surgeries? Would it matter what the surgery was? Would you reveal liposuction but withhold the fact that you had a nose job?

Cosmetic surgery opponents may warn that you better disclose prior surgeries before your marriage! 
What do you think?

New York Post - Man sues wife after she gives him "ugly" baby

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