Friday, May 24, 2013

Top 10 Reasons To Get Liposuction

Most everyone has heard of liposuction. We know it can take off fat and help slim you down. But what are the top reasons that we see in our San Antonio, Texas surgery center? Here's Dr. Robert Young's top 10:

“Jump-start weight loss”  Many men and women set to reduce their weight need a boost or incentive that will kick them into a regimine of diet and exercise that will eventually get them to their goals. Liposuction can be a very effective method to jump-start a long term plan for a more healthy lifestyle for some.

“Get flatter stomach or abs”  Not everyone is blessed with genes that provide for a flat stomach or the ability to develop washboard abs. As a matter of fact, it seems many are cursed with genes that make a flat stomach almost impossible. Sometimes no amount of exercise and proper diet can reduce stubborn stomach fat that can occur in both men and women.

“Get back pre-pregnancy body” Having kids takes a huge toll on your body, resulting in weight gain in many different body areas. Liposuction can help get back the body you once had before the kids.

“Fat transfer”  Using the fat harvested during liposuction is becoming more popular and more effective. The Brazilian Butt Lift is just one way our body fat can be used to give us a desired shape. Fat taken by liposuction from an area such as the hips, thighs or abs can be injected into other areas such as the buttocks in order to create more volume and fullness.

“A more proportional body”  Body sculpting artfully utilizes liposuction to create a more desired shape. In some cases this is done without removing large amounts of body fat you might require in a  liposuction to flatten a bulging stomach or heavy thighs because the goal is shaping and not so much reducing.

“Get rid of my handles”  This is one of the most popular reasons given by men opting for liposuction. The fat that accumulates in the love handles tends to be very stubborn and one of the areas last reduced through traditional weight loss. For some, it cannot be effectively controlled even with good diet and heavy exercise.

“Look better in clothes” Both men and women share this goal. Liposuction is often thought of as a solution to having clothes fit better and look better.

“Wear a bathing suit” While we often worry most about this at vacation time, summer itself can be stressful for those who worry about needing to wear bathing suits that just emphasize the extra weight or fatty areas.

“Take care of problem area” Sometimes we feel generally fine about our body, but have one special area that is problematic or that we wish would just go away. It may be a heavy chin or neck, fat arms, big knees, or a bulge that pops out under our bra line. These small areas are often ideal for liposuction.

“Feel better about myself” Liposuction has been reported to increase ones confidence. Many believe that liposuction can help you feel confident about yourself whether it be at work, home, or play.

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