Wednesday, March 6, 2013

China's Fire Facial Treatments Claim To Fight Wrinkles (VIDEO)

A treatment has emerged from within China that would seem to be a bit too scary for most here in the United States. "Fire Facials" are gaining in popularity there, and are said to stimulate the skin and improve dullness, sagging and wrinkles. But would you be willing to try it?
Setting one's face on fire is not how most people would envision trying to remedy wrinkles. Torture springs to mind quicker than a smooth face. But, in China, the procedure is gaining momentum as a spa treatment called Huǒ liáo is being used on the face, legs and/or other parts of the body.  The procedure involves placing an alcohol-soaked towel and a special "elixir" on the area, then lighting it on fire for a few seconds.

This video may be disturbing to watch.

Theoretically, this procedure can work. By "damaging" the surface of the skin, your body fights to heal the wound. When healed the process leaves you with refreshed new skin. Here in the United States, we accomplish the same thing when we perform laser resurfacing, but it is done with much more precision because we can control the depth the laser affects and the amount of exposure, or laser energy, the skin receives. Chemical peels, such as the ViPeel, work in the same manner, yet are gentler and do not have as much down-time as with a full laser resurfacing.

Dr. Robert Young spent seven years as plastic surgeon at the Burn Unit at Brooke Army Medical Center, and later as Chief of Plastic Surgery there. His experience with burn victims is extensive. He explains, "The risk of igniting your face or your body with flammable liquid seems immense. " Leaving the fire too long could permanently damage the skin, leaving horrible scars that may not ever heal. It would seem a huge risk. What do you think?

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