Thursday, December 1, 2011

Choose Credentialled, Qualified and Experienced Specialists

Stories pop up over and over again about patients who willingly select doctors without appropriate credentials, or those who practice out of uncertified facilities. The outcomes of these are often tragic for the patients involved.  What sometimes saves a bit of money ends up putting their health or life in jeopardy.

The most recent story appeared this week about a woman who received cheek injections which turned out to be a mixture of ingredients including concrete!  Another patient who went to the same "doctor" sealed her incisions with superglue!  Unqualified doctors have performed procedures from Breast Augmentation to Brazilian Butt Lifts using products which are not medical grade, nor approved for use in cosmetic surgery.  Others perform "awake" procedures under local anesthesia in their office.  These can be very dangerous.

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The woman "doctor" in question was not Board Certified, was not a plastic surgeon, nor a licensed physician of any kind.  She did not perform the surgeries at a hospital or in a certified or licensed outpatient surgery center.

We hope that this serves as a warning to patients wanting to have cosmetic surgery procedures.  Prices which seem to good to be true usually always are.  Make sure that the plastic surgeon you choose is properly credentialed and practices in a licensed or AAAASF certified facility (and not a back room office) where essential safety equipment and procedures are in place for your well-being.  Remember, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon has received extra training beyond his or her designation as a physician.  They have proven expertise in cosmetic and plastic surgery.  For more information about Licensure & Certification, visit
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