Friday, October 30, 2009

What's New in Breast Implants!

by Robert N. Young, MD, FACS
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

It's been over a year since their re-launch and it appears that the new silicone implants are taking off. The softness, safety and durability of the cohesive gel is attracting a lot of patients to select silicone despite their increased cost. For a little more money than the standard cohesive gel implant, there is also a silicone implant with a saline center (the Becker implant) that can be adjusted after the surgery via a valve under the armpit. When the patient is happy with one size, the valve is then removed.

Many people still feel more comfortable with the saline implants which have been the standard for the past 15 years. At Aesthetic Enhancement Cosmetic Surgery Center, I offer all options in terms of implant type, size and shape, as well as placement of the incision. We have our own fully accredited in-office surgery center to perform the surgery. Our patients find that this provides them with the privacy and convenience they desire, while also affording the best in patient care and safety.

With the advances made in quality and selection of Breast Implants, now truly is the best time for Breast Augmentation. The new style implants can create beautiful, natural looking breasts which will enhance your figure and bring a new sense of self-confidence and beauty to you. I'd be happy to see you in a consultation appointment to see if Breast Augmentation is right for you. Contact me by calling my office at 210-496-BODY (2639) or e-mail
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