Friday, June 26, 2015

Newest Methods to Correct Facial Sagging

Facial fillers and Botox have become the hottest product in facial rejuvenation and most people have heard of what they can do to eliminate wrinkles and "provide volume" as we age. But, many don't know about the latest in "liquid facelift".

The entire way we look at the use of facial fillers has changed in the last several months and few have been trained in the newest methods for "liquid facelift". Even methods learned six months ago are no longer cutting edge. Dr. Young's injector Cynthia was one of only several injectors from around the country invited to attend hands-on training that has armed her with the latest methods which promote building from the "foundation up".

Treatments for facial sagging places emphasis first on the mid-face area before the nasiolabial folds and marionette lines are addressed. Not only does this method of addressing facial sagging provide a more natural result, but it is far more effective in providing "lift" and definition. And, it is cost-effective. Most patients use less Juvederm in the lower face because Voluma is so effective in creating lift where it is most needed! (If you've already had Juvederm injected Voluma will still provide all the benefit.)

DrYoungForever is kicking off our 4th of July savings by introducing you to Voluma, the product that has taken facial aesthetics to a whole new level. Voluma is the only FDA approved filler which can last up to two full years and is the recommended base for building a new foundation.

Most people need two syringes of Voluma (one for each side of the face), so our offer is geared to providing what will give you the best result and you'll save from $400 to $670 or more!

  • Buy 2 Voluma at $800 each (reg $875), get 20 units of Botox FREE ($250 value)  
  • Add Juvederm to your treatment for just $450 per syringe (reg $585) 

Not ready for a complete "liquid facelift"?  You can get these savings on separate products:

  • Botox $10 per unit (reg $12.50) 
  • Juvederm $500 per syringe (reg $585)
  • Voluma $850 per syringe (reg $875)

What do you need to do? Call us at 210-496-2639 and schedule your "liquid facelift" appointment with Cynthia.

Good for appointments and purchases made through July 15th only while supplies last. No telephone orders can be accepted. Payments can be made through PayPal for services to be provided at a later date. Brilliant Distinction members may use active coupons towards their total cost. New Brilliant Distinction members will receive points for products purchased and will receive coupons for future services.

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