Thursday, September 30, 2010

“Dr. Young has Patients Tickled over Lipo”

Dr. Young is now bringing a new liposuction procedure to his practice that will offer better results with less strain on the patient.

Tickle Lipo,™ also known as Nutational Infrasonic Lipo, is a new liposuction procedure that offers many perks over the standard tumescent liposuction. Tickle Lipo™ is named for the small tickling sensation that some patients have reported feeling during the procedure. Tickle Lipo™ differs from other liposuction techniques in the fact that it operates by using air pressure to create a whirling motion that is constantly vibrating and rotating. It does not use heat or ultrasound energy like most other types of lipo which allows for the removal of fat to be more efficient and safe without damaging any tissue.

“The Tickle Lipo does a really good job of breaking up fat easier than traditional methods and can ultimately lead to less bruising and smoother results for patients,” says Dr. Young. The system also entails an automatic shut off when it gets too close to areas in the body that consist of non-fatty tissue such as skin or muscle. This allows for accuracy in challenging areas such as the neck, back, face, and other fibrous areas.

Tickle Lipo™ removes fat more effectively and efficiently than other liposuction techniques. “There are new liposuction devices that come out every week, so making sure it’s approved and the most effective is very important,” says Dr. Young. Overall, the Tickle Lipo™ improves the patient’s surgical outcome and most importantly the safety of the patient.

Dr. Young is offering an introductory special for the month of October! $250-$500 Off Tickle Lipo

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